Horse Ownership 101

In my 17 years in the equine industry, I figured out one of the most important aspects of horse ownership is starting off on the right foot. As a professional in the industry I am regularly confronted with people who have contentious relationship with their new horse horse for a variety of reasons. Often by the time they reach out for help they are at the end of their rope. It is a goal of mine to provide new horse enthusiasts and new horse owners with the proper coaching to circumvent these frustrations.

We offer “coaching” for the following groups of horses owners:

1. People who think they may want to buy a horse now or in the near future, but desire hands on experience to learn about the physical, emotional, practical and financial aspects of horse ownership

2. New horse owners who require assistance in learning how to care for their new horse properly with regards to nutrition, health, shoeing, tack fit, trouble shooting minor issues, etc.

3. People who are getting back into horses after an extended break who want to make sure they have someone to assist them make sure they are doing the best for their horses

Some topics covered are:

– Ideal first horse
– Ideal facility
– Nutrition
– Maintenance: worming, vaccines, dental care
– Hoof care
– Basic first aid
– When to call a vet
– Tips for buying a horse
– Picking a discipline
– Tack fit and putting it all together
– Grooming and saddling
– Basic round pen techniques
– Riding
– and much more… feel free to bring a list of topics and questions that are important to you

Coaching can be as involved as you like – a session or two at our Ione, CA location or you can board with us and always have help nearby. We can arrange a comfortable situation for you and your horse to thrive.

Call to discuss fees and additional questions and concerns.

~ Kelly